The Ghana Files: Fun with Fufu

I was supposed to have a cooking lesson from my students yesterday, but they got caught up in some sort of program on campus. (My students only have “free time” for a few hours on Saturday afternoon.) Thankfully, my roommate jumped in and showed me how it’s done!

Fufu is created by boiling cassava and plantains, and then pounding them together into a doughy ball. Fufu is served with several kinds of soup, my favorite being “light soup” which is a tomato and onion broth.

I have seen people pounding fufu before, and they always make it look effortless. Well, I found out today just how much effort goes into fufu preparations!  I had a really good time, and I’m glad that I learned. Though I can’t imagine being able to do all of this by myself.

The cassava and plantains have been boiled, and are ready to be turned into fufu.













First the plantains are pounded into a big lump, then the cassava. Only then are the two combined into one.











My roommate let me try for a while, but my fufu pounding technique was pretty ineffective.











Once it is the right texture and consistency, the fufu is molded into balls.











Add soup and enjoy (with your hands, of course)

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