The Ghana Files: Spiders and goats

Just a few random tidbits from the every day life…

– Unfortunately, I am still down from Thursday’s day-old-chicken incident. Really, I should have known better. In fact I can distinctly remember thinking to myself “I should probably reheat this chicken – or perhaps not eat it at all.” But since it was 4:00PM and it was my first meal of the day, I practically inhaled the thing. I guess you could say that I am paying my dues, I’ve eaten nothing but bread and rice for days and I had to postpone a trip. Nothing says “welcome back to Ghana” like a stomach bug.

– I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday for the first time since returning from break. I picked up a box of candles that was sitting on my counter, and one of those creepy hand-sized spiders jumped out and quickly crawled up my arm. Thankfully I reacted and brushed him off as he got close to my neck, it seemed like he was aiming for the face. I really wish I was exaggerating when I say “hand-sized” but unfortunately, I am not. It was a horrifying experience that I’m sure will haunt my dreams for years to come.

– On a much more silly/cute note, I was able to capture this video today: Inconveniently Placed Goats

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