The Ghana Files: First visit to my school.

Today I visited my school for the first time! It is a beautiful campus, nestled on a hilltop overlooking the ocean just a mile or so out of town. We just stopped by briefly, so my Principal could get some work done. When we arrived at school, she took me and another boy into her office and told us to wait there. I wasn’t exactly sure what we were waiting for, but I imagined it would be perhaps a tour of the campus or a visit to my house. So I waited patiently in her office alongside a young man who would respond to my attempts at conversation with a single, whispered word. After about 40 minutes of waiting, I realized I was in it for the long haul.

Two or more hours later, after reading every magazine and newspaper in her office, she finally returned. We went to the car, and headed back to her house for lunch. After lunch she told me that she was going back to campus, so I decided to go for a walk in the area around the convent. During the entire walk I would prompt small children to look up from their play and shout “obroni!” – the Twi word for white person. It was my first time hearing the word, and they said it in a way that so matter-of-fact, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. It was just like…. oh, hey white person.

I was unable to get internet at the convent, I couldn’t go anywhere after dark and I had spent my whole afternoon reading. So I decided to pass the time with another Girlmore Girls marathon.

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