The Ghana Files: Today is the day!

I am all packed and ready to go! My flight leaves at 22:50 EST from New York’s JFK airport. I have a short layover in Amsterdam, and then it is off to Accra!

I’m a little concerned about jet lag. it will be night time when I leave NYC and night time when I arrive in Accra, with only 15 hours of actual transit time. I have a bottle of Melatonin that I hope will help get my sleeping patterns on track once I arrive. I’ve packed just about everything I could possibly need, including a jar of peanut butter given to me by a friend who has spent time in India. I guess she knows something that I don’t! I’m a little afraid that I’ve over packed. When I travel I generally take very little with me, I carry a very small backpack with a few essential items. When backpacking, I don’t mind being dirty and sometimes uncomfortable. I guess the difference this time is that I am actually going to be living in a place, and I will want to experience a certain amount of comfort. I am taking a cab to the airport, and I will have someone meeting me at the airport in Accra so I think I will be OK with my luggage. I’m nervous about having to carry so much, but it seemed worth it to bring two suitcases and a carry on.

I’ve spent the last few days doing some of the touristy New York things that I never got around to before (Empire State Building, anyone?). I’ve also been spending time with Fox. I saw my friends on Friday at my favorite beer bar in NYC (Draft Barn in Gowanus, awesome place!) and I Skyped with my parents last night (good practice for when I’m in Ghana!) It’s definitely been hard to say goodbye to everyone.

At any rate, I am pretty excited to see what the next ten months will bring!

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