The Ghana Files: Check, check and check!

I have been checking more and more things off of my to-do list. I’m actually done with all things medical, which is great because I was getting pretty sick of the waiting room at my doctor’s office. I’ve managed to meet all of the requirements for my Ghanaian visa. I had to be fingerprinted and acquire a letter of “good conduct”, I also had to get a few passport pictures taken and get a little booklet proving that I’ve been jabbed with the yellow fever vaccine. Last week I was able to finish all of that up, and drop it off at the travel agency.

When I went to the travel agency, I was given an approximate departure date: I will be leaving in mid-September. I knew that my placement was to begin in October, and I knew there was in-country orientation. I was mentally preparing myself for leaving in the middle of September. I still felt somehow surprised when they told me!  I have been thinking and talking about going for so long, it seems strange now that it’s actually happening!

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